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Our Artists

Meet the amazing folks behind the scenes!

We're a close-knit group of whiskey lovers and cocktail aficionados. Rooted in the bar and hospitality industries, we combined our passion of crafting drinks and love of sculpture to bring you only the best bar tools & products that will be great additions to any bar cart, and perfect for entertaining friends and family at home.

Owner + Founder

Lover of bourbon and glasswork. This company is my dream. 

Favorite drink: Manhattan


Kacey Julep


Making sure that things run smoothly and the drinks are tasty! 

Favorite drink: Scotch on the rocks


Tom Collins


Creative thinker both in ideas and cocktails! 

Favorite drink: Boulevardier


Rob Roy

Customer Service

Happy to chat about recipes and help answer any of your questions about our products! 

Favorite drink: Paper Plane


Jackie Sazerac