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by Daniel Arnold September 20, 2021 1 min read

Artwork Submissions and Applications:
Artwork must be Original and submitted by the artist. 

Artists can submit work through our Apply Here link. 

An in depth description of the piece will help us asses the works. 

  • How does this piece make you feel?
  • How is it relevant to the theme? 
  • What do you want this piece to convey? 

Application Schedule 



Application Dates: Please note the application time period. This is a period of time that we accept applications from artists through our online gallery. 
Winner Announced: The winner will be announced on the first day of the exhibition period. 
Exhibition Period: Posts on social media, newsletter, and the lookbook posted to our site. 

The Exhibition: The Exhibition will be posted online in the format of a .pdf. This will be a detailed, "walk through" of the 10 selected pieces, including the curators pick. 


Curators Pick

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