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by Roxanne Plante September 20, 2021 1 min read

Movement, an Exhibition

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"Movement captures our daily life and can define our human experiences. Capturing the movement of a subject, or expressing movement with the strokes of a brush can create a very captivating experience for any viewer. Communicating action through two dimensional artwork is a delicate process.

What movement means to you is up to interpretations, and how you choose to express it is deeply personal and unique. 

I am excited to see what movement means to you and how you choose to communicate this. "

Denna Arnold, Curator



Accepted Media: All mediums of painting (photography excluded)

Artwork Submissions and Applications:
Artwork must be Original and submitted by the artist. 

Artists can submit work by completing this form, uploading a photo and submitting the entry fee. 

Please provide:

  • Your Name
  • Artwork Dimensions
  • Price of the piece
  • An in depth description of the piece will help us asses the works.
    -How does this piece make you feel?
    -How is it relevant to the theme?
    -What do you want this piece to convey? 

Application Schedule 

 Applications accepted from September 27 - December 20.

Important Dates

Exhibition Dates January 2nd-8th
Format: The exhibition will be released in a look-book format in .pdf, as well as on our website and distributed online and on social media. 
Social media

10 Artists will be selected and shown in the Exhibition Lookbook, distributed on our website and social media in .pdf format. 


Curators Pick receives $100. 



10 pieces will be selected by the application closing date. 
Award winners will be announced January 2nd


Info and Application: Click Here

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