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by Daniel Arnold September 12, 2020 2 min read

Making a big purchase for your home or space can be challenging, especially when shopping online—and purchasing a fine art piece online is no different. In fact, purchasing artwork online presents unique challenges compared to other household items like furniture. For example, you’ll need to know if the color palette in the piece you’ve selected plays with and coordinates with the room and surrounding décor in which you want to place it. Fortunately, Pasasha offers users and customers a great tool to help combat this common problem.

Cue augmented reality. With augmented reality, you can place any piece of artwork listed for sale on our website directly on your wall! This great new tool is easy to use, and allows you to try out each art piece in a true-to-scale format right from your phone. The next addition to your collection has never been easier to find!

Ready to give it a try?

  1. Choose a painting that you would like to see in your space. 
  2. Select the 3-dimensional photo icon.
  3. Click the Try this painting on your wall button.
  4. Stand 6-10 feet away from a well-lit wall.
  5. View, move, enlarge, shrink and have fun trying different artwork in your space! 

Having trouble? Try these tips!

Is your camera not placing the painting on the wall?

  • The wall you choose to use for AR should be well-lit. It is helpful for the camera to see an object on the wall you are using (such as a window frame, another painting, anything on the wall that is on the same plane). Having another object to use for scale helps the camera determine the distance from you to the wall. 

Can’t move the painting around on your wall without scaling it?

  • This happens when the camera has misinterpreted the angle between you and the wall. Start over and try again, this time a little further away and with a reference point that is easy to see and placed directly on the wall you are using. 

AR has become readily available for consumers to use when making their purchases. At Pasasha Art, we are excited to offer this tool that is unique to the art world, helping to continue making valuable connections between artists and collectors around the world.

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